We're Changing The Way Plastic Is Used In The Garden


Weed Barriers

Block weeds with our soil-biodegradable film that allows easy watering through micro-perforations.


Rock Borders

A rock border and barrier that quickly creates beautiful weed and termite-free borders around your home.


Paver Solutions

Our unique paver system that saves you time while blocking unwanted weeds and grass while looking great.


Erosion Protection

A uniquely designed rain diverter that helps fight erosion problems for any type of soil in an eco-friendly way.


Water Diversion

A simple and elegant extension of the Gutter Guppy® that helps divert water and adds to the aesthetics of your home's exterior.


A Pop Of Color

A soil-biodegradable, plant-through bag that adds color to your property and blocks weeds—season after season.

We're Putting an End To Plastic Mulch Bags

Featuring our PURPOSEFUL PACKAGING ​tm, all bags used by Fresh Mulch Company are made from upcycled materials, soil biodegradable, block weeds, reduce herbicides, retain moisture and are pollinator friendly.

We knew there was a better solution

With over 20 years in the landscaping industry, we grew tired of the countless bags used to store and transport mulch ending up in landfills and along highways.