3 Decades later...

After 3 decades in the Commercial Landscape Industry, Bob Hawkinson knew there had to be a better way. It made no sense to throw away the billions of bags of single use plastic packaging..."Why couldn't you come up with a really good way to make the package as product"? So for the last many years, Bob has been dedicated to finding the "better way." Weed Recede® is the culmination of decades of landscape expertise combined with intelligent packaging methods to make an "All in One" Weed Barrier Mulch Bag Product that will make your life easier. Thanks for visiting us and we look forward to making your landscape beautiful, and your lawn work much simpler very soon.


Block Weeds and Save The Planet

We Realized That An Estimated 2 Billion Plus Single-Use Plastic Mulch Bags Are Destined For The Landfill In Just The U.S. Every Year. Homeowners Who Are Just Trying To Improve Their Home And Reduce Weeds By Mulching Are Really Impacting The Environment. By Creating A Soil Degradable Mulch Bag That Opens Flat, Homeowners Can Now Place The Entire Mulch Bag In Their Landscape Bed, Pull A Few Tabs, Open The Bag, Spread The Mulch Over The Bag, And Help Fight Weeds For A Good Part Of The Season

As New Materials Have Developed In The Marketplace, The Concept Has Seen Many Improvements. New Plastics Are Becoming Available Along With Coatings That Make The Idea Work. It's a very cool product that makes sense. It's Weed Control In A Bag.

Does It Work?

See for yourself...Weeds are present only where bags are not present. Bags were not overlapped in this test to show the product working. The areas where weeds are present is in between the installed bags and on the edges. There were no herbicides used and no pulling during this 8-month test cycle of plant-through ColorPocket bags.

​​Our tested blend of Proprietary BioPlastics ensures a film that is up to the task, saving you time and labor during the landscape season! Many folks like that Weed Recede® is much easier than Sheet Mulching..and our Proprietary plastics hold up much better than Sheet Mulch.​


We got tired of throwing away mulch bags.