Bag Types

Soil Biodegradable Bags for Organic Mulches

Our soil compostable bags are the best solution for organic mulches. (Wood, Compost, Soils etc.)

The reasons are many, but here are just a few.

No organic mulch bags soil degrade by microbial action, they return to the soil. Next season when it is time to mulch again, just repeat the mulching process without worrying that you are creating layers like plastic would.

As plants grow and mature, sometimes the area of which you are mulching changes. Weed Recede® bags easily accommodate seasonal changes of bed sizes and areas to be mulched in the landscape.

When using Weed Recede® for organic mulches, as you apply once a season, weeds are less likely to grow in the top organic layer that is created as the mulch decomposes above the ground cover material. When using organic mulches, standard Plastics and Weed cloth will often have a problem with a level of organic layer that deepens as new materials are added on top and break down. Weeds will root in this soil level and cause more work for the homeowner and landscaper trying to control them.

When you re-apply a new layer of Weed Recede®, your weed blocking layer is new and goes right to work helping to minimize weeds. Because we use special papers and proprietary coatings...Weed Recede® lasts substantially longer than other standard papers could. Weed Recede® is the perfect Sheet Mulch alternative.

Every season that you continue to use Weed Recede® for organic mulch, you improve your weed management, and you continue to remove plastic bags from the landfill.

The Bag can also be the same color as the mulch so you are less likely to see the bag underlay if mulch moves.

Weed Recede® Non Compostable Bags for Inorganic Mulches

Our non-composting bags are the best solution for inorganic mulches. (Rock, Rubber, Shell, Paver Underlay etc.)

Here are a few reasons that a Non-Compostable bag works better for inorganic mulch.

When applying a long term inorganic mulch such as Rock, Gravel, Shell, or Rubber, you are typically leaving them in place for many years. These mulch materials break down slowly, if at all, and are typically not replenished very often. It is a benefit to have a long term weed control fabric in these situations.

Although some folks will put down these materials with no ground cover below them, it is very beneficial to first put down weed cloth. Not only does the weed cloth help reduce weeds, but it also slows migration of the mulch through the soil.

Installing weed cloth from a roll can be a very time consuming and frustrating process. Folks will also often buy bagged mulch material. So the cloth is installed, and then the consumer throws away the bag into the trash which winds up in the landfill. Using Weed Recede Bags helps half the use of plastic being used in these landscape situations. No single-use polyethylene plastic bags go to the dump.

Weed Recede® Non-Composting bags are made from high-quality Weed Cloth material that allows water movement through the soil. Our material does a great job of suppressing weeds while allowing moisture to move.

Weed Recede® bags are very easily moved into position and can be cut or folded in order to accommodate curves, plants, and trees. Simply overlap the bags when installing to ensure better weed control. Bags can be staked in place if necessary to help ensure they don't move.